questions.. we have answers

Ask Us!

We really are here to help.

If you have a question about why there are black streaks on the North side of your house, or how to get rid of algae roof stains we are here to help.
With over a decade of experience as home inspectors and pressure cleaning professionals we’ve got a pretty good idea on what advantages different roof cleaners offer.
But we can help educate about really anything, just post a comment and we will answer your questions…


questions.. we have answers
questions.. we have answers

Of course, you can also ask about mold, moss, lichen and green algae as well as common misconceptions with regard to using household chemicals for roof cleaning. (yes we are talking about why chlorine bleach is a huge mistake)

At roof cleaner today we focus on just two things:  Roof Cleaners and Stain Prevention.


Ask away!

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  1. I want to use the mix in a bottle sprayer what ration should I use I know the water dilutes the mix again when it is drawn from the container. What about the power washer can I just drop my nose in the 1 packet to 2 gal mix. It will also mix more water when it is sprayed.

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