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What are the black streaks on my shingles?
Why do roof stains form on the north side of my house?
Can I stop the stains from coming back?

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Harnessing the Power of OX in Your Washing Machine

And while these widely available products sold under multiple brand names may indeed be fine cleaners and stain removers, what isn’t commonly known about the composition of many of them is that only about 30% of the weight by volume that you buy is the active ingredient, sodium percarbonate, while the remaining majority of the bulk is just filler, including table salt. In contrast, when you purchase the OX-line of cleaners, you are getting a whopping 80% active sodium percarbonate content with the remaining 20% being other active ingredients including detergents and surfactants, substances that help loosen and lift dirt and grime from surfaces.

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Experience cleaning over 25,000 roofs, Roof Cleaner Today has probably answered most every question about roof shingle cleaning (including future stain prevention)
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So ask us, we’ll dig through 10 years of experience and find the answers you need to make your roof cleaning project (or roof cleaning business) a success.

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