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Quantity Discounts Now Available

Quantity Discounts on Roof Amor and Roof Shingle Cleaner

The most asked about request we receive : Quantity Discounts have arrived. Now when you buy Roof Armor or Roof Cleaner OX you will automatically receive a 12% discount on two items. And the discount goes up 50% to 18% savings on 3 or more items. Best of All, the discounts are Mix and Match… […]

Cleaning Wood Roof Shingles

Safe Roof Cleaner

Roof OX is an easy to use powder that is dissolved into water, sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and then rinsed away to reveal excellent cleaning results. In cases of extremely heavy staining or in cases where large pores are present in the surface to be cleaned, light agitation may be necessary.

Harnessing the Power of OX in Your Washing Machine

And while these widely available products sold under multiple brand names may indeed be fine cleaners and stain removers, what isn’t commonly known about the composition of many of them is that only about 30% of the weight by volume that you buy is the active ingredient, sodium percarbonate, while the remaining majority of the bulk is just filler, including table salt. In contrast, when you purchase the OX-line of cleaners, you are getting a whopping 80% active sodium percarbonate content with the remaining 20% being other active ingredients including detergents and surfactants, substances that help loosen and lift dirt and grime from surfaces.